Good Finance car loan Bank

Would you like to buy a car directly from the seller but still need credit? Who can be our customer? Domestic natural person over 18 years of age with legal capacity (guarantor under 25 years of age).

Organizations without legal personality


Legal entities registered in Hungary, organizations without legal personality, companies. Who can choose which funding scheme? Natural persons: loan (loan) and closed and open-end financial leasing. Legal entity, non-legal entities (non-natural persons): closed and open-ended financial leasing.

Terms and conditions of insurance: Normal (casco obligatory) construction: the financier prescribes the insurance of the motor vehicle, which is valid until the end of the term, until the end of the financing period (the insurance beneficiary is Good Finance Bank). Casco-free construction: You do not need to have casco insurance on the financed vehicle at a premium.

More expensive


When choosing such a more expensive arrangement than the casco is required to consider, the client must be liable for the contractual liability of the lender in the event of a loss. Integrated casco insurance: Good Finance Bank and Groupama Guarantee provide a complex service with a co-developed product: casco financing. The advantage is that the installer is integrated into the installment and is paid along with the installment.

The term of financing is 12 to 84 months from the date of disbursement for natural persons (80 months in the case of a fixed repayment installment in HUF), while in the case of legal persons, non-legal entities (non-natural persons) the maturity can be 96 months (84 months in the case of a fixed installment plan in HUF).

What kind of own power is needed to buy a vehicle?


You can buy your car for up to 20% self-pay. After that you can start the administration process, which is as follows: At the given e-mail address you have provided, our staff will contact you, and if necessary, after a short route and after sending the necessary documents, the administration can begin.