Here are 5 Secret Ways to Maintain the Security of Your Credit Card

How do you ensure that your credit card security can be relied upon to protect important information in it? Surely you don’t want it if someone else knows the contents of your credit card. So, don’t be indifferent. Apply the following methods for safety.



Don’t be ignorant when swiping credit cards

swipe credit card

Having a credit card in the wallet is a matter of pride for the owner. How come? Not everyone can have this swipe card. Because the debt card can only be obtained if they are trusted and are eligible to have it. Not only that, by having a credit card in your hand, people will automatically judge you have a higher social degree than those who do not have it. To be sure, life will be much easier with a credit card. Want to pay for groceries, credit, restaurant food, online shopping, electricity bills, just swipe. Simple is n’t it.


Reasons Why Credit Cards Must Be Guarded

Reasons Why Credit Cards Must Be Guarded

Credit cards save so many benefits in financial transactions. Apparently, this is what invites ignorant hands to launch the action to target important data in it, including those relating to your finances. It is fitting that you care about security because if you don’t take care of it, then who else? Do not get because of your negligence, the assumption appears that credit cards are a source of financial problems for their owners.

In this sophisticated era, almost all transactions are done online . Already not a few are technology literate, including the perpetrators of cyber crime . You could say, they are more sophisticated and better understand how to harm others for their own sake through technological devices. Even the victims are not small. Based on findings from Norton Cyber ​​Security Insight Report , as many as 47% of credit card users were victims of cyber crime when using the swipe card. The losses are also not playing games, namely up to US $ 300 or Rp3.5 million.


Practice the following 5 tips for credit card security

Practice the following 5 <a href=tips for credit card security” />

Basically, such crimes run smoothly thanks to the data they steal from customers. Therefore, these sensitive data must not be known to others. It would be nice if you are careful every time you use it. You can start with the simplest step, which is to treat it like cash. In addition, there are still several ways to improve credit card security. Want to know what are the ways? Check it out, huh.


# 1 Note the Transaction System on your Credit Card

credit system

There are two types of transaction systems attached to credit cards that are commonly used in Indonesia, namely magnetic swipe systems and chip systems. Unfortunately, both of these systems can be hacked. The reason is that this system utilizes the credit card holder’s signature as access to the entry while the signature is vulnerable to being falsified. If so, anticipate that is by always watching when you transact with this credit card. Make sure that the cashier only swipes once. If he rubs more than once (double swipe), it’s possible your data can be stolen.

The second credit card system is the chip system. This system requires users to enter their PIN every time they make a transaction. You could say this credit card is safer because the PIN is confidential and only the owner knows. To be sure, whatever type of system is used on your credit card, make sure that all of your transaction receipts are kept as proof later.


# 2 Pay attention to your Credit Card Number and CVV

CVV stands for cardholder verification whose form is in the form of three or even four-digit secret codes that are pinned behind your credit card. For example, the Master Card or Visa credit card has a three-digit secret code while the American Express Card has four digits.

CVV numbers are usually used in online transactions for security purposes. However, that is not entirely true. Because the CVV number has something to do with your credit card number in front. This means to protect your credit card, not only with CVV numbers, but also with a credit card number of 16 digits.

What you need to remember, do not just share the number of your swipe card to another person. Even if you give the number to transact online , you should note on any website the data is circulating. For example hotel reservations, e- commerce and others.


# 3 Keep the Biodata of the biological mother secret, especially the name

credit card information

Maybe, you have contacted your credit card call center . To verify that the card is yours, you must be asked to name your mother. Do not let the mother’s name that should be kept secret for the sake of security is known to others. If that person has no ill will it’s fine, then if he is evil? Can it bother you?


# 4 Don’t photocopy

For administrative purposes, often certain agencies require photocopies of ID cards or other documents. Except for a credit card, don’t even copy it. Why? This is for security. Even if it’s just a photocopy, know that credit cards can be misused by other people. In addition, the bank never requires a photocopy of a credit card every time the transaction.


# 5 Notification of Transactions via Mobile

online transaction

One of the conveniences offered by credit cards is in the form of notifications through your cellphone. You must ensure that the recipient’s cellphone number is only known by the credit card issuing bank. The other function of this notification facility is to notify you of a transaction on your credit card. If you don’t feel like doing the transaction, you can call the contact center so that the transaction can be canceled immediately.


Increase your alertness

Increase your alertness

So that the credit card that you have is safe, pay attention to the tips just described. Possibly the worst thing will always happen. Therefore, increase your caution and alertness so that your credit card is protected from the dangers of crime.

Do you have an unpleasant experience in using a credit card? Tell and write in the column provided below, so that other readers will become aware and more careful in acting. Hopefully this article helps and gives you great benefits, thank you.

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