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Meet the brilliant designer behind the exquisite jewelry you’ve seen from ‘Mr.Queen’, Daechwita from BTS Suga and more

ByDiane A. Gomez

Mar 12, 2021

Being a certified K-drama obsessed is not only due to the actors, but also the fancy dress and jewelry worn by your favorite Korean celebrities.

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Korean culture has become one of the most popular and best-preserved identities in Asia. Many TV series and movies are influenced by the culture of the country and even create new trends. Much like in the recent sageuk (historical dramas), the fantasy drama “Mr. Queen” and the Joseon Kingdom series “Kingdom” from Netflix, which captivated viewers’ interest in his costumes and jewelry, all of which are historically authentic. but with new creative and artistic elements. approaches.

NASCHENKA jewelry designer and owner Kim Soung Eun sat down for an interview with a famous publication to further explain the story and inspiration behind the jewelry used in some of your favorite Korean dramas.

The story behind the jewelry used in “Mr. Queen”, “River Where the Moon Rises” and “Kingdom”

His articles have already appeared in over 70 K-dramas and period films, particularly in the most recent shows “River Where the Moon Rises”, “Mr. Queen” and “Kingdom”. According to her, these jewels are not only a visual treat, but rather they symbolize the identities and social statuses of the characters who wear them.

Mr. Queen

(Photo: official tvN Instagram)

In the latest hit drama “Mr. Queen”, actress Shin Hye Sun played the role of mid-19th century Queen Cheorin of the Kingdom of Joseon. Kim Soung Eun explained that in order to show the royal status of the queen, she made a phoenix binyeo (hairpin) and to identify the contrast between the queen and Jo Hwa Jin (courtesan of King Cheoljong) played by actress Seol In Ah, the creator customized an inseparable binyeo.

Mr. Queen

(Photo: official tvN Instagram)

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Kim Soung Eun said: “In the Joseon kingdom, it was normal for queens and princesses to wear a phoenix binyeo. And royal courtesans generally wore an inseparable binyeo.”

Kim Soung Eun also said that she created the golden peony flower-shaped crown for “River Where the Moon Rises” star Kim So Hyun, who plays the princess whose desire is to become the very first woman in the world. rule the kingdom. In Korean culture, traditionally the peony signifies honor, wealth and high position. It is said to mean peace and stability.

She also personalized the sangtugwan, a crown to protect the bun, for actor Park Bo Gum in the 2016 drama “Love in the Moonlight”. Kim Soung Eun also hinted that one of her creations would be seen in the upcoming Netflix series “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”.

Kim Soung Eun also worked with BTS member Suga aka Agust D

The designer also wants to work with K-pop stars and luxury brands to promote the beauty of traditional Korean jewelry. But recently, she designed the sangtugwan that BTS’s Suga wore in her music video for “Daechwita”.

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Thanks to this, Korean culture has become important in the eyes of viewers and potential tourists. It also gives the opportunity for Koreans to showcase their way of life in such a creative way. South Korea’s economy is also growing every year, thanks to Hallyu!

Kim Soung Eun is just one of the many brilliant people in South Korea who are good at making such magnificent creations, ones that represent South Korea’s past and present.

What do you think of Kim Soung Eun’s masterpieces? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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