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Tobi Diamonds: jewelry is worth investing in

ByDiane A. Gomez

Aug 29, 2021

Tobi Diamonds whose real names are Gbessoh Tobby Joseph is a French and Nigerian jeweler who specializes in jewelry design and has been in the business since 2015. His work has stood the test of time and made him admirable to many who have attested to his exceptional creations and services.

Speaking about why jewelry is more viable, he said: “Investing in crypto, fiat and other forms of investing is good, but young people need to consider other forms of resources. natural as a good investment because they never go out of style. The risk factors of investing in precious metals are really low as they remain precious almost forever. “

Tobi’s goal is to make jewelry design accessible to everyone and to help people see it as an invaluable gift or a long-term investment for many. Further berating, he said, “We intend to reach more people and educate them about gemstones and why they should own one. We also tend to use 20% of our ROI to give back to the community during the course of running our business. “

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