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“When you walk into the labor room all your jewelry and makeup becomes unnecessary, so humble yourself” – Vim Lady tells Ghanaian ladies

ByDiane A. Gomez

Mar 31, 2021

Afia Pokuaa, who prides herself on being a Vim Lady, has given wise advice to swaggers, especially Ghanaian women, as she urges them to be humble.

The brutally honest broadcaster cited the atmosphere in the labor room to support his point.

She noted that in hospital labor rooms, it is not allowed to display her jewelry, makeup and expensive goods.

Vim Lady added that human beings are nothing but a pencil in the hands of God. She shared a lovely photo of herself and wrote:

When you enter the labor room or operating room, all of your jewelry, designer, shoes, and makeup cannot enter the labor room or operating room. THINK ABOUT IT.
We came naked and we will follow the same path.
Stop bragging about what you have.

See the post below:

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